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TIFF Upgrade Kit

The HelioKlischograph modernization option

The TIFF Upgrade Kit integrates HelioKlischograph K201, K303, K304, K305, and K405 systems into a cutting-edge TIFF workflow.


State-of-the-art electronics, which are also used in high-end HelioKlischograph systems, lower the maintenance costs of existing systems significantly. The existing electronics cabinet is replaced by a PC and new electronics. The main drive with the control unit and the screen disk are also replaced.


• HelioSprint 9 kHz high-performance engraving system

• XtremeEngraving

• High Quality Hinting (HQH)

• Job preparation with HelioDisk

• Integrated camera, automatic measurement

Further information

A detailed brochure is available to download as a PDF document: TIFF Upgrade Kit Brochure

The professional upgrade kit

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