High-performance laser

At the heart of the PremiumSetter is a high-performance fiber laser that removes the three-dimensional relief to the full depth in a single step. The laser is three times more efficient than a CO2 laser with its coarse engraving. The only step after engraving is cleaning with water to remove debris.

High-precision production of all kinds of shoulder profiles

High-precision three-dimensional print elements

3D engraving

The PremiumSetter uses pre-defined parameters to convert 1-bit TIFF data into three-dimensional 8-bit TIFF engraving data, and does so on the fly. Based on tonal value and screen ruling, it calculates the height and shoulder profile of the print elements in halftone images, line art, and text. High-resolution direct laser engraving delivers precise undercuts, first steps, and shoulder angles, which is impossible in other manufacturing processes.

New-generation elastomers

Today’s elastomers are capable of much more – and far more than photopolymers  as well. Abrasion is not an issue, because the elastomers are not exposed to any abrasive pressure. Nor do they swell, because they exhibit greater resistance to chemicals. This makes them ideal for soft, water-based and aggressive ink and coating systems with any type of drying and component basis. Users can choose between printing plates – also in the form of reel stock, sleeves, and plate-on-sleeve technology; popular material thicknesses, including thin layers; stock for use on soft carriers or with a compression layer already integrated (saves on cushion tape); sleeve material for single use and sleeves for multiple regrinding, with the option of recoating.

New-generation elastomers are superior to photopolymer in many different ways

You can find detailed information on the PremiumSetter technology here.