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The diverse range of applications for the PremiumSetter

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Direct Flexo – plate on demand

Dry offset for container printing

Dry offset printing is ideal for decorating open containers, metal drink and aerosol cans, and polymer cups and tubes. Elastomer offers many advantages in this process. The surface tension of elastomer and blanket is coordinated, which leads to excellent ink transfer. The low tendency to swelling extends the service life of the printing form. The ultra-fine laser spot of the fiber laser engraves with a previously unattainable resolution. Careful use of infinitely variable undercuts results in much lower dot gain. Elastomer printing forms for IDF machines do not require a separate sandwich structure. The PremiumSetter is much more productive than conventional direct engraving systems.

Coating applications enhance sheetfed offset

Surface finishing can hugely improve the appeal of packaging for cosmetics, foodstuffs and toys as well as publicity materials. Sheetfed offset enhanced with a flexographic coating unit offers a varied range of surface finishing options. Here, too, elastomer delivers many benefits. The finest elements can be reproduced, and larger areas can be coated evenly and with excellent edge definition. Short process times ensure fast availability of the printing form. Elastomer printing forms are also much more cost-effective than conventional printing plates.

Hygiene, wrapping paper, ruled paper

Ruled paper, napkins, wrapping paper, diapers, and other hygiene products are frequently printed in large-format and continuous processes. This is where PremiumSetter technology unlocks the benefits of high-resolution direct engraving. Elastomer printing forms last longer, particularly on coarse print substrates. The ultra- fine laser spot of the fiber laser enables finer screens to be used than is usually the case with CO2 lasers. Ink transfer is excellent, and embossing rollers can also be engraved.

Flexible packaging

Flexible packaging, especially with flexographic printing, is becoming an attractive option for more and more brand owners. High-resolution direct engraving using PremiumSetter technology delivers printing results that are on a par with gravure or offset printing. Digital control options for printing form parameters and the properties of elastomer combine to deliver longer service life and maximum reproducibility. High print densities ensure out- standing results for white backgrounds, for example. Elastomer sleeves offer a significant cost advantage over photopolymer sleeves and are also much faster procured and provided in a press-ready condition.

Corrugated board

The printing of corrugated cardboard using the direct post-print process accounts for a large proportion of the volume. In the indirect pre-print process, the subsequent top layer of the corrugated board is pre-printed and then laminated. Flexographic printing is increasingly being used in this area of offset printing. Here, the directly engraved elastomer plate scores particularly well due to its long service life in the printing press.

Security printing

High-priced products in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, spirits and tobacco industries are increasingly being protected by security features. These are often derived from the banknote or document sector, such as the micro-representation of lettering and geometric objects. The fineness of the imaging is crucial for optimum protection. PremiumSetters have a standard resolution of 5080 dpi, which, in conjunction with a customer-specific register system, makes them ideal for this area of application.

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A detailed brochure on High-Resolution Direct Lasers for Relief Printing is available to download as a PDF document:
High-Resolution Direct Lasers for Relief Printing


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