PremiumSetter modular system

The optimal solution for every application

The PremiumSetter is designed as a modular system for all applications of relief printing. This includes dry offset for container printing, coating applications in sheetfed offset, printing on hygiene articles, gift wrapping papers and lineatures, printing forms for flexible packaging, corrugated board printing and security printing. Direct laser engraving (Direct Laser engraving = DLE) of elastomer printing plates is just as well provided for as imaging of digital photopolymer printing plates (Laser Ablation Mask System = LAMS). Whether plate or sleeve, small, medium or large format, PremiumSetter can be configured in such a way that an optimal and economical solution can be realized for the respective application. As the customer, you decide how to configure your PremiumSetter.


Highlights include the only two-step process of direct engraving with the PremiumSetter DLE, which realizes just-in-time imaging and brings printing forme production closer to the printing process. Or the unsurpassed performance in imaging large-format digital printing plates with PremiumSetter LAMS, as used for hygiene articles or in corrugated board printing.

The modular system of the PremiumSetter realizes an optimal, economical solution for every application