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PremiumSetter L1700

Powerful LAMS Imager for Plates and Sleeves

The PremiumSetter L1700 is a powerful platesetter for imaging digital photopolymer printing plates and sleeves (LAMS), equipped with Lüscher laser technology. The exposure speed sets new standards!


The PremiumSetter L1700 images with up to 5080 dpi and thus clearly exceeds the usual 4000 dpi quality of the market. With a productivity of up to 16 m²/h, independent of screen and exposure resolution, the PremiumSetter L1700 offers a new level of performance especially for corrugated printing. The integrated loading table and the clamping bar function of the vacuum cylinder offer simplified plate handling. The one-sided cantilever makes it far easier to handle sleeves.

The X!Mask software developed by Lüscher automatically structures surfaces and lines using microcells and thus permits higher density values in the solids. Highlights and fine lines are also recognized by the software and automatically provided with wider shoulders, thus eliminating the need for additional tonal enhancement. X!Mask runs fully automatically during the output to the PremiumSetter L1700.


The optional 32, 48 or 64 fiber-coupled infrared laser diodes are automatically readjusted before each exposure if required.


High-resolution: Stepless from 2400 to 5080 dpi

High performance: Up to 16 m²/h

X!Mask: Automatic Microstructuring

Versatile: Plates and sleeves

Ergonomic: Simplified handling

The integrated loading table and the vacuum cylinder with clamping bar offer simplified plate handling

The one-sided cantilever makes it far easier to handle sleeves.

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