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3D surface finishing

Decoration for furniture, floors, and automotive interiors imitates wood grains, textile fabrics, and leather or has its very own made-up surface designs – and not only visually, but also in terms of texture.

Fine to coarse raised, continuous embossing motifs are applied to wood decor, artificial leather, textured wallpapers and films, and also tissues.

The feel of high-end packaging is playing an increasingly important role. The act of touching textured surfaces conveys an exclusive brand image and stays in the memory. Cellaxy for embossing meets these requirements.

Manufacturers of branded goods benefit from the wide-ranging possibilities – male and female dies and embossing cylinders – and also from their cost-efficient implementation. When users are looking for a high level of material removal, ultra-fine resolution, and genuine 3D, the Cellaxy’s fiber lasers deliver an extremely cost-effective solution for the toughest quality requirements.


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