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S3000 by Schawk Vreden – cutting-edge 3D laser offers highest efficiency

Taking laser performance to a whole new level

Benefits of high-resolution direct engraving now available for large printing widths.


HELL Gravure Systems has worked alongside Schawk Vreden to develop the concept for the new PremiumSetter S3000 and get the product ready for the market. This latest development in direct laser technology for flexographic printing forms is undeniably a breakthrough.


“Since September 2015, our team in Vreden has been helping to further develop the new 3D lasers produced by HELL,” explains Managing Director Ferat Sarac. “We tested and optimized the machine and HELL took care of the technical implementation. This collaborative approach enabled us to get the innovative 3D laser market-ready.”


The S3000 features new fiber laser technology that delivers high-resolution 3D direct engraving. Data for the printing project is sent as a digital basic data set that is then processed in reproduction and adapted to the printing application – all in a one-stage process. Using 3D RIP, image data is transferred to the screen geometry and converted into a defined, three-dimensional relief. Heights and depths can be custom configured depending on the printing substrate and press. Thanks to a detail reproduction of up to 5080 dpi, HD resolution in the end result is doubled.


The S3000 is a compact laser machine featuring two laser carriages. There are two fiber lasers, each configured with 600 watts, on each of the laser carriages, which are driven by a linear motor, thus ensuring engraving is carried out in line with the Twain principle.

Shawk has reported that the S3000 cuts runtime by two thirds compared to conventional laser systems.

In this process, two independently operated optical heads are used that split the format and/or the motifs arranged in the format across the cylinder. The system is operated via a touch display, which can be used to store the 3D point design in the laser as a presetting. “The device is extremely efficient, its beam quality is above-average, and it has a large depth of focus.” noted Sarac.


According to Schawk, the device can process 3D laser printing forms up to three meters in length in a runtime of 2.5 hours.


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