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In a class of its own

Once again the exceptional strengths of Cellaxy come into play, whether it’s productivity, cost-efficiency, versatility or precision, and set the standard in direct laser engraving for embossing and packaging printing.


The Cellaxy laser’s screen definition and write resolution can be adjusted independently of each other. For example, text can be reproduced achieving a very high edge definition with a resolution of 2540 dpi and images in a 60 l/cm screen with soft vignettes. In addition, the geometry of the laser-engraved cell enables it to apply more ink than a cell engraved using a diamond stylus. Thanks to these two effects, a gravure form lasered using Cellaxy meets both the toughest contour definition demands and high printing density requirements. Cellaxy can be integrated seamlessly into existing digital prepress operations for HelioKlischograph systems.


The optional embossing module gives Cellaxy all the features it needs to produce impressive embossing forms. A machine equipped for embossing performs fully automated multipass engraving with an engraving depth of up to 1000 µm. Both 2D and 3D embossing forms are produced in the highest possible quality. The print results achieved with Cellaxy embossing processes are highly impressive thanks to long-lasting tactile qualities and optimum attention to detail. This applies equally to micro-embossing over large areas and background textures.

Overview of key benefits:


Ultra-sharp contours in etching quality with no saw-tooth effect, coupled with smooth and stable color vignettes


Embossing option for precise and cost-effective embossing cylinder production thanks to fully automatic multipass engraving


Seamless integration into the digital prepress stage for the HelioKlischograph


HELL Gravure Systems – a Heliograph Holding company – is an innovation leader in the manufacture of prepress engraving systems. With its numerous technical solutions, HELL is continuously redefining international standards in its many core areas of expertise – the electromechanical and direct laser engraving of gravure and embossing cylinders and the high-resolution direct engraving of elastomer printing forms for relief printing.



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