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New Cellaxy C500 under starter’s orders

The market’s most efficient direct laser for linework, contones, and embossing provides a universal laser platform

The new high-end solution for engraving gravure cylinders is under starter’s orders, with delivery to the first customer scheduled for the fall. Boasting a multitude of new functions and a universal laser platform concept, the new Cellaxy is not only the market’s most efficient direct laser – it also represents a particularly secure investment.


The first thing that jumps out about the new Cellaxy is its low design height and the work area separated by a metal shutter (see figure). However, it’s the hidden inner workings that make the Cellaxy so efficient. A whole host of software-based functions enable it to adapt to the relevant linework, contone, or embossing application. The key features are as follows:


Three laser modes
Algorithms for seamless and stepless results
Multipass engraving
Edge cell optimization
“SuperCell” screening for smooth contone transitions.

The absolute highlight, though, is the latest version of CellCreator, which now means the true potential of direct laser engraving can be exploited to the full.


The new Cellaxy was designed as a universal laser platform. In other words, it can be equipped with any type of laser. The laser source and cylinder surface are mutually independent, which makes the Cellaxy an extremely secure investment.

For example, it is ready for HelioPearl, which was developed by K.Walter to produce a polymer monolayer for coating cylinders.


The new Cellaxy is available in two sizes.


Further information will be available on our website shortly.

The new Cellaxy boasts a whole host of new functions. The laser platform concept makes it a particularly secure investment.


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