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New: HelioKlischograph K5 Smart with 12 kHz

Impressive upgrade to the all-rounder

HELL now equips the K5 Smart with the 12 kHz HelioSprint III engraving system as well as integrating the HQH embedded and MultiTune functions


The HelioKlischograph K5 Smart is the top-selling engraver. The high degree of automation in the machine is particularly impressive. The only manual steps are inserting the cylinder and applying any lubrication required. All other steps are activated using one-button operation. The CellEye volume-based cutting procedure provides outstanding engraving quality.


The 12 kHz HelioSprint III engraving system is now also available for the K5 Smart, making it the most productive manual engraver on the market.


In addition, the K5 Smart now offers integrated HQH to automatically improve very fine texts and line elements. It also supports the MultiTune adjustment process, which produces sharper text and reduces both dragging and ringing.


Further information:

The new K5 Smart is now available as either a 9 kHz or a 12 kHz machine.

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