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Successful installation and testing with direct laser engraving in Malaysia

Tye Cine Colour Separations Sdn. Bhd. is making waves with PremiumFlexo

After starting out as a humble color separation house in Malaysia, Tye Cine has grown to become one of the leading flexographic plate makers and reprographics houses in Malaysia and the wider region. Thanks to the installation of the Hell PremiumSetter S1700 and use of Conti Laserline materials (plates and sleeves), Tye Cine is set to become the pioneer in supplying direct laser engraved plates and sleeves in the region.


Established as a color separation house in Kuala Lumpur in 1988, Tye Cine Colour Separations Sdn. Bhd. is now the leading key player for flexographic plate making in Malaysia. After years of providing laser imaging services, Tye Cine identified an opportunity for direct laser engraving using Hell PremiumSetter and Conti Laserline materials. Indeed, this process produces a much higher plate and print quality with output resolutions up to 5080 dpi, is a genuine digital workflow and is very environmentally friendly. For example, it eliminates the need for solvents and frees up a lot of machinery space. Compared with traditional photopolymer plate processes, which require multiple process steps, this two-step process (direct engraving and washing with water) also reduces the scope for human error and process inconsistencies. Using the direct laser engraving system also opens up new markets for Tye Cine and, thanks to Conti Laserline, Tye Cine will be able to supply customers with both plates and sleeves.


Tye Cine is excited about what this new technology holds in store for the company and aims to harness the benefits of direct laser engraving and Conti Laserline materials to venture into new markets.

It was a great team effort from the skillful and proficient team at Tye Cine, Contitech and Hell Gravure Systems


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