5000th HelioSprint engraving system delivered

Nothing rivals electromagnetic engraving when it comes to cylinder engraving.



Up till 1998, gravure cylinders were engraved with an engraving frequency of no more than 4 kHz. Then HELL made a breakthrough and became the first supplier to launch an 8 kHz engraving system. Ten years later, HELL even succeeded in raising the engraving speed to 12 kHz. Like their predecessors, the new HelioSprint engraving systems are based on the principle of electromagnetic engraving. To date, other methods, such as piezo-electric or magnetostrictive processes, have failed to deliver success.


The fact that HELL delivered its 5000th HelioSprint engraving system in March this year proves just how successful electromagnetic engraving is.


Further information: https://www.hell-gravure-systems.com/graviersysteme/?lang=en

Small celebration marking the 5000th HelioSprint engraving system