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HelioKlischograph K5

Fast 9 kHz entry-level engraver enhanced

HELL is fitting out the K5 with a range of user-friendly functions to make it even easier to get started in cylinder engraving.

The HelioKlischograph K5 is the most successful engraving machine from HELL. Thanks to the HelioSprint BC+ engraving system, which operates at speeds up to 9 kHz, the K5 is also one of the fastest engraving machines on the market. HELL has now made the K5 even better by adding a range of additional functions. For example, the new K5 features motor-driven support with an integrated autofocus camera. This combination supports semi-automatic cell measurement, thus eliminating the risk of inaccurate measurements caused by human error.

Further new functions include the use of a laser pointer to identify the starting point, quality documentation via cylinder certificates, faster setup thanks to two travel speeds and the option of configuring the engraving parameters for full-tone cylinders directly on the machine.


Further information:

Amongst other new features, the latest K5 boasts a motorized support and semi‑automatic camera, meaning users no longer need to manually position the support or operate a manual camera.

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