Full HD quality with Lüscher laser technology on the HELL platform

HELL Gravure Systems and Lüscher Technologies have jointly developed the HelioFlex F1700. The solution is a high-performance imager for plates and sleeves that sets new standards in terms of workflow, performance, and resolution.


The F1700 is the product of a collaboration between HELL Gravure Systems and Lüscher Technologies. While HELL has contributed the tried-and-tested mechanics of the PremiumSetter S1700, Lüscher has provided its innovative diode laser. The result is a high-performance plate and sleeve imager for digital flexographic printing that raises the bar when it comes to workflow, performance, and resolution.


The F1700 images with a resolution of up to 5,080 dpi and thus surpasses Full HD quality! Furthermore, with productivity of up to 16 m2/h, regardless of the screen and imaging resolution, the F1700 is also the fastest output device on the market. The maximum plate thickness is 6.35 mm.


The X!Mask software developed by Lüscher automatically structures areas and lines using microcells, thus enabling higher density values in solids. Catchlight dots and fine lines are also identified by the software and automatically provided with wider shoulders, thereby eliminating additional tonal value increases. X!Mask runs fully automatically during the output process on the F1700 and has no influence on the imaging speed.


Further information on the HelioFlex F1700 can be found here.

The HelioFlex F1700 offers full HD quality for plates and sleeves – on a whole new performance level