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Fit for HD Gravure – all engraving systems switched over to MultiTune

Only continuous modernization and process optimization coupled with consistently high engraving quality can keep customers happy for the long term. That is why A&R Carton Graz is ensuring that all new developments associated with HR Gravure will also be incorporated into its current systems.


The Rotoform department at A&R Carton Graz GmbH manufactures some 15,000 gravure cylinders a year. Some 30 percent of these are for in-house use, with the remaining 70 percent destined for external customers, primarily in the pharmaceutical, confectionery, and dairy sectors. The cylinders are manufactured on two fully-automated AutoCon lines that are connected by shuttle. Three HelioKlischograph K500 units are integrated into the AutoCon lines and the machine park is rounded off with Cellaxy and Digilas technology used to direct laser-engrave gravure and embossing cylinders.


Having poured funds into the modernization and expansion of its form manufacturing capacities over the past two years, A&R Carton Graz is now looking to safeguard this investment. The company is in no doubt that the only way to keep customers happy for the long term is to adopt a strategy of continuous modernization and process optimization and ensure quality standards in cylinder production are consistently high. That is why A&R Carton Graz regularly updates the software on its machinery and has preventive maintenance carried out. It has also taken out a software maintenance contract with HELL Gravure Systems that ensures all new developments associated with HR Gravure will also be integrated into its existing machine systems. Only recently, as part of this strategy, a new software update was installed on all the engraving machines and maintenance was carried out on the engraving systems. Since then, all the HelioKlischograph systems at A&R Carton Graz have been using MultiTune – the adjustment process that produces sharper contours and reduces dragging and ringing.


Further information on HD Gravure can be found here.

High-resolution 3D direct laser engraving offers a whole host of significant benefits for a great many relief printing processes


HELL Gravure Systems – a Heliograph Holding company – is an innovation leader in the manufacture of prepress engraving systems. With its numerous technical solutions, HELL is continuously redefining international standards in its many core areas of expertise – the electromechanical and direct laser engraving of gravure and embossing cylinders and the high-resolution direct engraving of elastomer printing forms for relief printing.



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