HelioKlischograph K5

9 kHz Entry-Level-Engraver

The HelioKlischograph K5 is a user-friendly engraver that offers the perfect start to productive electromechanical cylinder engraving. The comprehensive hardware ensures first-class engraving results in the quality you have come to associate with HELL. The K5 comes with the HelioSprint BC+ engraving system as standard, supporting speeds of up to 9 kHz. The motorized support with integrated autofocus camera facilitates semi-automatic cell measurement. Special features of the K5 include High Quality Hinting, which improves the appearance of fine text and graphics, and MultiTune for sharper lettering.


9kHz engraving speed



Ease of use

Motorized positioning of the engraving system

Integrated autofocus camera

Semi-automatic testcut

Further information

A detailed brochure is available to download as a PDF document:
K5 Brochure

Ideal gateway to cylinder engraving

Cylinder dimensions K5 (K5 XL)

Face width


130 – 1300 mm (130 – 2400 mm)

200 – 1200 mm

Face width




130 – 1100 mm (130 – 2300 mm)

Incl. jounals:
300 – 1300 mm (380 – 2580 mm)

200 – 1200 mm