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HELL Gravure Systems invites users to test its new software

Today, gravure printing reproduction requires significant manual intervention during the pre-print process, especially in the case of fine lines and texts. The new HQH Pro concept helps automate and standardize part of this work. HELL now offers the opportunity to examine the new software easily and without obligation with a cloud-based solution.


Today, fine texts and graphic elements must usually be reprocessed in the pre-print process so that they are not too thin or completely disappear. HQH Pro software was developed to reduce this time- and resource-intensive work. HQH stands for High Quality Hinting. The new concept is based on high-resolution engraving data and improves the font quality of gravure reproductions with HelioKlischograph, XtremeEngraving, and Cellaxy. HQH Pro runs in the background, automatically carrying out post-processing without manual intervention. This is standardized based on the job ticket specifications, which makes it reproducible at any time. In contrast to popular pre-press tools, HQH Pro prevents the letters and contours from appearing closed. HELL’s HQH Pro cloud service now provides the opportunity to try out the new software without obligation and convince yourself of its performance.


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HQH Pro improves the readability and appearance of fine texts and graphic elements

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