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HelioKlischograph K6

The automatic engraver

The HelioKlischograph K6 is the undisputed benchmark for engraving in publication gravure. This fully automated machine delivers optimum cost-effectiveness and quality.

In detail

By professionals for professionals

The HelioKlischograph K6 represents a new generation of digital cylinder manufacture and is a response to the growing demands of the gravure industry. The K6 satisfies all these demands – whether as a one-touch semi-automated unit or a fully automated process-controlled system. The fully automated K6 ensures cutting-edge publication engraving, top quality and commercially successful production through flexible, efficient and economical cylinder manufacture. The K6 is the logical successor to the globally successful K406 and combines the tried-and-tested components of its predecessor with a whole host of innovative functions, making it the ultimate in state-of-the-art automation.

Flexible and productive cylinder manufacture

Precision and reliability

With up to 18 channels, the K6 offers ultra-fast printing form manufacture with absolute ribbon balance. It can produce up to 144 perfectly engraved pages with the added certainty of not having to factor in any time-consuming repeats.

Speed and flexibility

The gravure industry keeps pushing for ever shorter intervals between editorial deadlines and the point the presses start rolling. Used in conjunction with the HelioFlow workflow, the K6 starts engraving just two minutes after the final PDF pages are supplied. No other system can match it for speed and flexibility.

An automation professional

The K6 is particularly cost-effective when integrated into the fully automated AutoCon production line. All the components required to successfully support complete production line automation are supplied as standard with the machine.

A success story with a future

Over 50 units have been delivered since the market launch of the K6 in 2000, and the trend is still upwards. The tried-and-tested reliability and efficiency of electromechanical engraving combined with a steady flow of new technologies and innovative solutions remains unrivaled.

Functions supported:

• CellGuard III

• HelioSprint

• SprintEasy

Further information

A detailed brochure is available to download as a PDF document:
K6 Brochure

The K6 in the automated AutoCon production line – the most cost-effective solution for gravure form manufacture


HELL Gravure Systems – a Heliograph Holding company – is an innovation leader in the manufacture of prepress engraving systems. With its numerous technical solutions, HELL is continuously redefining international standards in its many core areas of expertise – the electromechanical and direct laser engraving of gravure and embossing cylinders and the high-resolution direct engraving of elastomer printing forms for relief printing.



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