Professional workstation for cylinder layouts

HelioCom is the most successful workstation for creating cylinder layouts in packaging gravure. HelioCom was developed jointly by HELL and Esko, the leading manufacturer of professional prepress software for packaging. With over 500 units installed, HelioCom is the number one worldwide for professional layout creation and cylinder engraving.


HelioCom is the only layout workstation that supports prepress data from ArtPro directly without any format conversion. It also has a powerful PDF interpreter to transfer packaging data from other prepress systems.


Cylinder layouts are created under constant visual control. A whole range of powerful tools are available for assembly. HelioCom thinks of everything – even complex and nested cylinder layouts can be created extremely easily.


HelioCom creates TIFF complete forms that are engraved directly by the HelioKlischograph. The TIFF engraving data can also be opened and processed by any image processing software, for example Photoshop.

Further information

The detailed brochure “Cylinder Engraving in a networked, PDF-based production environment” is available to download as a PDF document: Workflow Brochure

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