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Cellaxy and HelioKlischograph in dual operation

In dual operation, Cellaxy and HelioKlischograph engrave together for one color set. The assignment of linework cylinders and halftone cylinders to the machines is completely freely selectable. This means that the processes complement each other perfectly in terms of their possibilities.

Cellaxy and HelioKlischograph engrave for a single color set

Cellaxy engraved cylinders impress with an excellent linework quality and very fine tonal gradations in the halftone. The features of direct laser engraving with Cellaxy are:

  • Universal laser platform with high investment security, e.g. HelioPearl ready
  • Etching quality for linework and text
  • Helio-compatible halftone output
  • Finest tonal gradations
  • Variable cell geometries
  • Variable screen structures (half-autotypical, conventional, autotypical)

An outstanding quality feature of Cellaxy is the excellent linework quality.

In comparison, a standard engraving with HelioKlischograph.

HelioKlischographs offer a process that has been successfully established for many years. Due to the half-autotypical reproduction, the halftone reproduction is of brilliant quality. However, the linework and text quality of other processes is not achieved.

The features of HelioKlischographs are:

  • Established process
  • Soft vignettes
  • Finest screens
  • Fixed cell geometries
  • Fixed halfautotypical screen structure

In rotogravure, the screen structure can be half-autotypical (left), conventional (center) or autotypical (right). While the HelioKlischograph always engraves halfautotypically, Cellaxy allows variable screen structures (depth and / or area variable).

The CellCreator enables the Cellaxy user to adapt gravure cylinders very specifically to the requirements of his customers. For example Cellaxy enables a depth and / or area-variable screen structure. Perfect halftone reproductions and a linework resolution of up to 5080 dpi are the result. There is no comparable tool for electromechanical engraving with HelioKlischographs or for other laser engraving systems!


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