For the first time ever, the benefits of high-resolution direct engraving can now be achieved with printing widths of up to 3 m thanks to the PremiumSetter D3000. By using a fiber laser instead of a CO2 laser, it is now possible to print toiletries, tissues, rulings, etc. in a quality that is currently winning over the small- and medium-format label and packaging segment.


Using up to four lasers with a total output of 2400 W, the D3000 takes the existing performance in this market segment to a whole new level. In conjunction with the innovative HELL optical head, the high-performance fiber lasers deliver top reproduction and product quality. The dream of engraving ultrafine elements – which is impossible using CO2 lasers because of their design – is now a reality.


Printing widths of up to 3 m

Fiber laser

Choose from: 1-beam, 600 W / 2-beam, 1200 W / 4-beam, 2400 W

Digital 3D design of printing elements

Direct laser with total output of 2400 W for printing widths of up to 3 m