Certified Engraving

Automatic process control

Certified Engraving includes processes that measure and record critical cylinder production parameters directly at the engraver. Unacceptable tolerances in cylinder production and engraving are thus detected at an early stage.


Certified Engraving checks the geometry of the engraving cylinder for concentricity, taper and bone effect (available for Cellaxy and HelioKlischograph K500 G4). Certified Engraving measures the cylinder engraving at predefined locations and visualizes larger engraved areas using a stitching function. The slipping of a cylinder as well as any height difference of the engraving styli in multi-channel operation are detected. All measured values and camera images are documented in a customer-specific engraving certificate.


All in all, Certified Engraving makes the overall cylinder production process more reliable and also reduces the need for press proofs.


Automatic measuring of the engraving replaces manual measuring

Certified Engraving’s comprehensive process documentation ensures a consistently high quality of cylinder production