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The key to perfect reproduction in laser direct engraving

HELL provides its Cellaxy customers with a set of tried-and-tested Helio-compatible screens as standard. On this basis, it is immediately possible to image linework and contone cylinders that can easily be combined with electromechanically engraved cylinders. The optional CellCreator makes it possible to edit the pre-defined screens or even develop own screens. This includes different cell geometries (e.g. hexagon or diamond) and screens that can be variable in depth and / or opening. The possibility of assigning a separate cell description for each density value is unique!

Thus the Cell Creator enables users to adapt gravure forms very specifically to their customer requirements and fully utilize the potential of direct laser engraving. Perfect contones in photographic quality and perfect linework in up to 5 µm resolution are the result. No comparable tool exists!

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