PremiumSetter technology is available both for printing plates and for sleeve printing forms, as the machine can be configured for optimized plate handling, optimized sleeve handling or both types of printing form.

Optimized plate handling

Simplified plate handling has been developed for the PremiumSetter S1000 and S1700 for lasering elastomer and digital photopolymer printing plates. Elastomer printing plates can be mounted on polyester or metal substrates. An integrated loading table incorporating stops, a vacuum cylinder with clamping bar, and footswitch controls make the process of loading and unloading these machines exceptionally user friendly. A pin system is available for printing plates for dry offset and for coating plates.

A table incorporating stops, vacuum cylinder with clamping bar, pin system, and footswitch controls in the S1000

Optimized sleeve handling

When lasering elastomer and photopolymer sleeves, the S1700 can be fitted with a one-sided bearing and pivot device (cantilever mount) for mandrels, which makes handling printing forms much easier. The S3000 holds the printing form either on a mandrel mounted on centers, or on a shaft cylinder mounted in three-jaw chucks.

Cantilever mount with mandrel in the S1700

Elastomers and digital photopolymer printing forms

The PremiumSetter can both engrave elastomers directly and image digital photopolymer printing forms.