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4Packaging equips all engraving machines with MultiTune

Significant improvement in engraving quality


4Packaging is converting its entire cylinder engraving operation to MultiTune, optimizing all engraving systems with the new adjustment process.


4Packaging is converting the HelioSprint engraving systems of all its HelioKlischograph units (6 x K500 Twain, each with 2 x 12 kHz engraving systems and 1 x K500 8 kHz engraving system) to MultiTune. A preliminary test provided impressive proof that the new adjustment process significantly improves the engraving quality of both 12 kHz and 8 kHz engraving systems. Contours appear sharper, and undesirable dragging and ringing are reduced. 4Packaging is the first German company to convert all its engraving machines.


4Packaging is one of the leading companies for digital reproduction and the production of gravure and embossing forms. The independent family business with some 130 employees started out 18 years ago and has kept on growing ever since. As a system supplier, 4Packaging provides end-to-end solutions from a single source, including packaging design, production of gravure and embossing forms, and approval of proofs. To do justice to this holistic approach, 4Packaging employs experts in printing form production and also in all stages of the gravure production process – from data processing (artwork and central reproduction) and cylinder manufacture (engraving/laser technology) all the way through to actual print production.

The new MultiTune adjustment process creates sharper contours, while also reducing dragging and ringing

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