HelioKlischograph K500

The benchmark in engraving

With an engraving speed of up to 24 kHz, the HelioKlischograph K500 is not only the most successful engraving machine of all time but also the fastest. From the outset, the pioneering K500 has set new standards in its class. The HelioSprint III 12 kHz high-performance engraving system, Twain multi-head engraving, and linear drive ensure by far the quickest cylinder production in the industry. Innovative technologies such as XtremeEngraving, High Quality Hinting, CellEye, and SprintEasy deliver engraving results that keep the K500 one step ahead of the competition.

Special features

• HelioSprint III 12 kHz high-performance engraving system

• Twain multi-head engraving

• Linear drive to minimize makeready times

• CellGuard measuring camera in track

• CellEye and SprintEasy

• XtremeEngraving

• High Quality Hinting (HQH)

• Integration into AutoCon lines

Further information

A detailed brochure is available to download as a PDF document:
K500 Brochure

A machine that keeps setting new standards

Cylinder dimensions* K500 XL

Face width


400 – 2400 mm

300 – 1500 mm

Face width




400 – 2500 mm

Incl. jounals:
820 – 2700 mm

300 – 1500 mm

* Others on request